Tomo Mags - Magazines from around the World and Great Coffee.

You have no idea what a pleasant surprise I found behind a simple gray door. Two weeks ago, I enrolled in photography classes at the Houston Center for Photography in the colorful Montrose area and one of my favorite activities after I finish my class is to drive around the area looking for original places. Well, let me tell you that on Hawthorne street, just a few blocks from Westheimer, I stumbled across a peculiar blue bus parked in front a sign that simply said “Coffee and Magazines.” Of course I parked my car and got out to see what this was all about.

When I walked in, I discovered an amazing local shop called Tomo Mags, and to my surprise, I found out they offer one of Houston’s best collections of international magazines I’ve ever seen..

As well as carrying publications from France, Italy and Japan; they also sell unique items such as pencils, cards and pictures that are ideal to decorate your house.

While browsing their magazines, the delicious aroma of coffee hit me, and I had to have a cup. Lomi Coffee is the brand they carry, which is made up of a delicate selection of premium beans from around the world. And you can find it at Tomo Mags as well as in restaurants and supermarkets like Central Market. I had the cappuccino; its intense flavor and great aroma was delicious. My cup was perfectly crafted by the Barista Eugene Esselborn. Thanks Eugene!

In addition to the Hawthorne Street location, the blue bus drives through the city and parks outside several stores, restaurants and events.

So, there you have it, the next time you see this curious bus around town, it’s our friends from Tomo Mags, bringing you their original magazine collection and great coffee.

For more information about Tomo Mags or Lomi Coffee, follow them on social media @tomomags @lomicoffee.