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We all have that shopaholic friend who is fashion-obsessed and who is constantly searching for the best sale, the new trendy color and who probably was one of the first ones to wear those ragged jeans that we all wear now. For my dear shopaholic friends, any excuse to go shopping is a good excuse. The reasons vary from needing a dress for a wedding, completing an outfit for the next trip to the beach or needing to have those fashionable shoes in their closets ASAP.

Today I share with all of you some of my favorite stores in Houston so you can spoil those shopaholic friends you love so much. In this guide, of course, you will also find suggestions of where to eat, because although your friends will probably prefer to skip lunch to continue shopping, eventually they will get hungry and you'll know exactly where to go to complete your shopping day with a delicious meal.

Heights Mercantile

Favor the Kind

646 Yale St.

This boutique is filled with very original products that you will not find anywhere else. Their mission as a company is to sell goods that are sustainable, so besides finding incredible things, you'll be supporting the environment. Here you will find clothes for women, men, and children, as well as gifts and accessories.


Warby Parker

645 Heights Blvd

Since you’re already in this shopping strip, you cannot leave without completing your look with a pair of Warby Parker sunglasses. This store is originally from California and has been one of my favorites for many years because its prices are very affordable and its designs are just extraordinary, plus for every pair of glasses you purchase, a pair is distributed to someone in need.


Alice Blue

250 W 19th St.

I love this neighborhood restaurant in the Heights because of its impeccable decor and delicious menu. My favorite dishes are the squid-ink pasta with crab, the beef tartare and the hummus. Dinner opens at 5:00 p.m. and brunch is offered on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am to 3:00 p.m.

The Galleria

Maje and Sandro

5085 Westheimer Rd.

Maje and Sandro are two Parisian clothing stores where you will find divine European designs, perfect for any season. A person I love very much and who is one of my favorite shopaholics, told me about the existence of these European brands and I was really fascinated to have discovered them, especially now that they just opened their first stores in Houston last month. You can find Maje and Sandro inside the Galleria at the new Saks Fifth Avenue wing. Maje's dresses and Sandro's blazers are really spectacular so I highly recommend you go and check them out.

The Webster

5045 Westheimer Rd.

At The Webster, you’ll find a curated selection of garments and accessories from the most prestigious brands in the world, all under one roof. Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Pierre Hardy, Balenciaga, Chanel, Celine, Dior, among many others are inside this "one-stop shop".


5085 Westheimer Rd.

Yauatcha is the first restaurant in the American continent from the acclaimed Chef Ho Chee Boon who won a Michelin star in his London establishment thanks to his extraordinary culinary brilliance. Its cuisine offers a contemporary concept of Cantonese Dim Sum cuisine, but without neglecting its millenary history. My favorite dishes are the scallop Shui Mai, the Prawn and crispy bean Cheung Fun, the pork soup dumplings, which were a very fun challenge to eat because you’re supposed to drink the soup without bursting them, and the Chicken that came with a croquette made with taro.

Uptown Galleria

In recent years an immense amount of Latin American designers have launched their brands and exquisite collections to share with the world. Living in the US, my only way to access these incredible designers was either on my trips to Mexico or online. Now, thanks to these stores, I can enjoy in Houston a curated selection of brands from various countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and many more. In these stores, you will find dresses, bathing suits, beach bags, and even shoes and jewelry from wonderful brands such as Sandra Weil, Lucia Macarena, Rose Water, Alejandra Raw, Caralarga, Carlota and many more.


4310 Westheimer Rd.

La Quijana - Online only

Cooperativa Shop

2708 Sackett St.

Cacao Gifts

4340 Westheimer Rd.

The owners behind Cacao Gifts have the incredible mission of bringing to Houston all the wonderful treasures they discover on their many trips. Thanks to their passion for culture, art, and simply enjoying life, in this shop you’ll find extraordinary things like Italian wax stamps, French candles, Asian sculptures, Spanish espadrilles, and even Mexican crafts. A must-see shop with pieces from all over the world.

Eloise Nichols

2400 Mid Lane

In this same shopping center, you will find this American Bistro that will delight you with delicious sandwiches, hamburgers, bowls filled with superfoods and salads with very original ingredients and combinations.

River Oaks District

River Oaks District is Houston’s Rodeo Drive. A very luxurious outdoor shopping center filled with high-end stores like Stella Mccartney, Dior, Brunello Cucinelli, John Lobb, Joe Malone, Nars, Moncler, among many others. Strolling through its streets admiring all the wonderful window displays is a perfect activity for you and your shopaholic friend to get inspired.



4444 Westheimer Rd.

One of my favorite stores at RO District is COS. With minimalist designs, excellent quality and mostly monochromatic proposals, I always use their classic pieces season after season.

Alice and Olivia

4444 Westheimer Rd.

Every time I'm looking for inspiration this store is one of my favorites as it is plagued with color, spontaneity and lots of creativity. The way they combine colors, textures and accessories always surprise me.

The Colonial

4444 Westheimer Rd.

This restaurant offers a delicious fusion of French and Vietnamese food with a ‘20s French Asian colony feel. I recommend ordering the fillet salad with arugula, spinach and red chili, the pork spring rolls with mushrooms and shrimp or the tuna tostadas with cilantro, cucumber and a ginger and soy sauce.

Rice Village

Lilly Rain

2414 University

In this store, you will find a little bit of everything. From casual clothes, shoes and jewelry, to all types of gifts. Their prices are very accessible, and if you have teenage daughters who are also shopaholics, they will flip out in this store.

Pomp and Circumstance

2415 Rice Blvd.

The definition of this store is Millennial Boho Chic. So this is the perfect store for those shopaholic friends slightly younger than me looking for original pieces.

Altar D 'State

2530 University Blvd.

Every time I go into this store, the aroma of its exclusive essential oils captivates me. One of the dresses that got the most comments on my Instagram account is from here. I love how I always find my favorite summer outfits in this store.


5510 Morningside Dr.

I love this casual hamburger place because besides offering traditional beef burgers, their menu also has wonderful options like the tuna burger, which has become one of my favorites. This explosion of flavors with a side of their traditional French fries will leave you filling energized and ready to continue with your shopping adventure.

Houston is Texas's shopping mecca, so send this post to your favorite shopaholic friends and enjoy this list of unique and trendy stores and indulge with some delicious food while you’re at it.

Happy Shopping!

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