The Sugar & Cloth Wall - A Colorful Canvas

I’ve loved photography for several years now, so I’m always looking for original places where I can take pictures with my family. Let me tell you that last week I was able to finally visit an amazing place I want to share with you guys today.

It’s the Sugar & Cloth Color Wall that’s located in Downtown Houston and it has huge colorful stripes painted along a brick wall. It’s amazing to see how something so simple can give your pictures so much originality and make them so fun.

The wall’s mastermind is Ashley Rose, owner and founder of the DIY blog Sugar and Cloth. On her blog, Ashley shares her creations and famous macaroon recipes with a very interesting photographic style based on bright colors with white backgrounds.

Sugar & Cloth’s photographic creativity takes a life of its own inside their studio and now thanks to this wall, they share with the whole city of Houston a small piece of their peculiar colorful world.

Photo by Nicole Kestenbaum @Lipstickandbrunch

Photo by Nicole Kestenbaum @ Liptickandbrunch

Thanks Ashley for sharing your colors with Houston! It was a pleasure meeting you and Yael last week at the Houston Bloggers Union event.

Yael Trusch @jewishlatinprincess, Ashley Rose @sugar&cloth, Mariana Cano @yomarianablog - Photo by Nicole Kestenbaum @lipstickandbrunch

Yo Mariana recommends you to check out Instagram to see all the fun pictures taken at this wall. It’s amazing to see the amount of people using the hashtag #sugarandclothcolorwall. You’ll surely find inspiration there for your next photo shoot.

Sugar & Cloth Color Wall - 3302 Canal St - Houston, TX 77003