The Benefits of Float Therapy

To have a quiet and peaceful mind in this agitated, and digitally connected world is more challenging than ever. I spend many hours, more than I want to, hooked to my phone because wether I like it or not, it's a working tool that I carry with me all day long. 

My sacred time of the day is when I go out for a run. Because I leave my phone behind, and I try to disconnect; however, it's inevitable for my mind to go back to my never-ending list of things to do. I've read a lot about the benefits of meditation, however for me it’s almost impossible to do so, I get distracted with minimum stimuli and find it very hard to concentrate.

Today I'm going to share with you all about my experience at Healing Waters, as I tried Float Therapy for the first time. And keep on reading, because if you feel like this is something you'd like to experience, there's a gift for you below. 

Float Therapy consists of literally letting your body float for an hour inside a sensory deprivation tank filled with 1,300 lbs. of Epson Salts dissolved in 10 inches of water at 93.5 F., which is equivalent to your body temperature. 

At Healing Waters you'll find a tranquil ambiance thanks to the relaxing music, the Himalayan Salt covered windows and the rich wood smell of a lit Palo Santo stick. 

The Spa has four floating cabins, each one with the privacy of a shower, the wooden cabin salt tank, organic bamboo linens and Avalon Organics shampoo and lotion to use after your Float Therapy. 

How it works:

I paid lots of attention to the instructions before my session, closed the door and my fantastic experience began. 

After a quick rinse in the shower to get rid of all lotion and soap residues on my skin, I entered the saltwater tank inside the wooden cabin and carefully reached a horizontal position. I immediately started floating thanks to the immense salt quantity inside the tank, which I was told is much more than the salt in the Dead Sea. 

The soundproofed cabin was illuminated with a very nice blue light. I started receiving instructions coming from underwater speakers where you can choose relaxation techniques, music or absolute silence. 

I have to admit that it took me quite some time to relax. After approximately 15 minutes of just trying to float, my mind started betraying me. 

Do I have all the photos I need for this post? At what time do I need to pick up the kids today? Did I give my daughter good advice about what was troubling her this morning? I'm hungry, what should I eat today? I don't want to break my diet. My mind just wouldn’t stop!

Until suddenly, without even realizing it, I started feeling more present. I could very vividly sense how the water touched every inch of my body. Just by floating and elevating my chin, I was able to release tension off my back and shoulders. 

And just like that, my mind was calmed, I was not thinking about anybody or anything, and I think I accomplished a deep meditation state for more than half an hour. Now I understand why so many people write about it and practice it regularly. 

When my session ended, I showered with the lovely Avalon organic products to rinse the salt thoroughly out of my hair and body, just as instructed before starting my session. 

I walked out of the Spa feeling energized, refreshed, with absolute mind clarity and a sense of mindfulness and peace. 

I'm counting the days until my next session, a therapy I never thought would help me so much, not only to feel that much-needed peace of mind and clarity, but to also give my body the proper recovery and detox it needs after working out. 

Float Therapy benefits: 

·     Reduces stress

·     Helps you recover faster from injuries

·     Reduces muscle tension and chronic pain 

·     Reduces anxiety 

·     One hour of a profound relaxing stare in the float tank is equivalent to 6 hours of sleep

·     Lowers blood pressure and heart rate to achieve a deep relaxing state of the body and mind

Who should try Float Therapy:

•    Professional athletes reach out to this therapy very often because of the benefits of muscle recovery after training. 

•    It's ideal for runners after a marathon or a very long run 

•    It's also recommended for pregnant women in their last trimester to release tension on the       back and rest without gravity. 

•    People with insomnia or sleeping disorders, since one hour in the tank, is equivalent to 6 hours    of deep sleep. 

So now you know, experience the feeling of absolute relaxation at Healing Waters and obtain all the benefits of Float Therapy. 

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