All you need to know about CoolSculpting and my incredible experience at DaVinci Body Sculpting.

Like many other women, I gained a lot of weight with my pregnancies; a little over 40 pounds each time, even with a conscious calorie intake. It took me many years to come back to my ideal weight. The journey was filled with sweat and tears that involved a drastic lifestyle change in my diet and exercise plans to accomplish my goal. 

Eight years after my last pregnancy I can say that I’ve reached a healthy weight; however, I still have stubborn fat in specific areas of my body that I haven't been able to get rid of no matter how much I diet or exercise. 

I had always been curious about surgical procedures to reduce stubborn fat, however just to think of putting myself on a surgery table and all the downtime afterward, kept me away from going through with it. 

I'm very excited to share with all of you today about a non-invasive procedure I discovered called CoolSculpting at a new beautiful clinic in Memorial Green called DaVinci Body Sculpting.  

CoolSculpting reduces stubborn fat in specific areas of your body thanks to a controlled cooling method that freezes fat cells that are then eliminated naturally by your body after they die. 

DaVinci Body Sculpting is a certified CoolSculpting practice and what differentiates them from other clinics, is the fact that in here CoolSculpting is the only procedure they offer, so they have a lot of experience with this treatment. 

What I loved about DaVinci Body Sculpting, is that they make you feel like you´re in a Spa from the moment you walk in thanks to their specialized care and the great ambiance of its brand-new modern facility that has a minimalistic style that’s filled with natural light. 

After qualifying as a candidate for the procedure, I arrived at my appointment feeling a little bit nervous and without knowing precisely what to expect. But I was welcomed by a very warm smile from the owner Lori Lemon Bergeron and by all the clinicians that made me feel relaxed and that gave me a detailed description of the procedure before starting. 

The room was very nice, comfortable and filled with natural light. The clinician applied a controlled cooling applicator to my treated area without me feeling any pain.  Every area was treated one at a time for about one hour. So, the total procedure took about two hours. 

During this time I was pampered by my clinician, who made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure and she even offered me coffee, San Pellegrino water, and cheese & crackers. When lunchtime arrived, they offered to order food from Dish Society, a next-door restaurant. 

After my appointment, I was able to resume my normal activities immediately. 

Four days after my appointment I started feeling some side effects such as inflammation, numbness, itching and sharp pulsations on the treated area, which reduced significantly after taking some Acetaminophen and an Antihistaminic. 

My clinician has followed my body's reaction to the treatment very closely and explained to me that my symptoms are normal and that they should go away after one or two more weeks. 

According to my first consultation, I might need a second round of treatment; but we'll make that decision at my 30-day appointment. However, my best results should start to show after 90 days. 

I'm beyond excited to see my results! As soon as my 90-day term arrives, I'll let you all know about them. In the meantime, you can schedule a consultation at DaVinci Body Sculpting to get more information about this treatment and to check out their beautiful facility. 


On September 7th I got my 90-day evaluation after my first Coolsculpting session and the improvement is incredible! My skin texture is smoother and I got rid of a significant amount of stubborn fat on a problem area I've had for years, I still can't believe it!

I've partnered with DaVInci Body Sculpting to give away a complementary consultation and two cycles of Coolsculpting treatments in the area of your choice with a $2, 250 value to one randomly picked lucky winner. So exciting! Don't miss out, winner will be announced on Friday September 14th. Good Luck! 

Da Vinci Body Sculpting - 713-609-1900 - 12525 Memorial Dr. Suite 375, Houston TX 77024. 


*Post sponsored by DaVinci Body Sculpting. I received treatment free of charge; however, all opinions and photography are my own. The winner should be an eligible candidate for CoolSculpting to be decided by a DaVinci Body Sculpting clinician. If the winner is not a viable candidate for CoolSculpting, the prize can be transferred to a family member or a friend. However, the prize can't be auctioned or sold.