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Photo by Yo Mariana

The Holidays are here and with them the inevitable search for gifts for all your friends and family. Today I share with you four great options that I’m sure you’ll love since they are very original and fun products that also help a great social cause in Mexico.

These products are brought to the U.S. thanks to Tuuch Mexico. A company dedicated to selling products that are designed and manufactured by Mexican artisans with the purpose of letting the world know of their beautiful art, as well as helping different social projects in Mexico. Here are four products that I loved.


iPad Pouch by Unda Mexico

I found this fun and original iPad pouch to be the perfect gift for a friend or young family member since it has an innovative design. The pouch is made from recycled cement sacks, is water resistant, has a compartment for pens and cables and has a padded interior to protect your electronics.

With your purchase, you’ll help Mexican workers through Construyendo y Creciendo A.C. – a social initiative that builds classrooms next to construction sites to offer workers and their families’ personal development classes as well as technical education.

Photo by Yo Mariana


Bee Earrings by Flora Maria

Flora Maria designs these quirky silver and amber earrings that are the perfect gift for your daughter or niece.

With your purchase, you'll contribute to the conservation of the Biosphere reserve of El Triunfo in Chiapas. Celebrities like Gael Garcia and the Cuarón brothers are part of the Talentos por el triunfo initiative of which you could be a part too.

Photo by Yo Mariana


Black Clay Ring by Maria Jose

Maria Jose brings us a collection of unique pieces that are handmade by artisans in Oaxaca.  The ring is made with black clay, nickel silver and it’s silver coated. It also comes with an authenticity certificate from the brand.

With your purchase, you'll help the San Bartolo Coyotepec community in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Photo by Yo Mariana


Elephant Keychain by Mongo

The history behind these fun elephants is pretty unique. These elephants represent a cosmic creature that carries all the weight of the world on its back and it signifies calmness, patience and reliability. The key chains are made from textile designs made by Mexican artisans.

With your purchase, you'll help communities that live in extreme poverty in Los Altos Chiapas, the state of Puebla and the State of Mexico through the Mongo A.C. Foundation.

Photo by Yo Mariana

So now you know, in you can find these amazing gifts and with your purchase, you can be assured that you’ll be helping Mexican artisans and craftsmen succeed.

For those of you who live in Houston, on November 17th, Tuuch Mexico will have a pop up sale on the La Vie Boheme Bazar. Go check them out!

For being my readers, you can get a special 10% discount on online purchases by using the code YOMARIANA at check out. Free shipping in the U.S.

Thanks Tuuch Mexico!

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