Dick's Sporting Goods Arrives to Houston + Giveaway

As many of you know, I have three kids and to me it has always been extremely important to instill sports into my kids' lives. Living in the U.S. makes it very easy for you to find a league or club for almost every sport your kids would like to endeavor either in a professional or recreational way.

I've tried to enroll my kids into all kinds of different sports from a very early age, with the idea that after trying a wide variety of them, by the time they reach adolescence they'll be able to choose their favorite and hopefully practice it regularly.

According to many medical studies, children who practice sports regularly, improve their health and physical condition significantly. It's important not to overlook the immense emotional benefits exercising provides as well due to the fact that it helps the body release endorphins and can be a wonderful energy and stress outlet.

My kids have tried almost every sport, from soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, karate, gymnastics, tennis, swimming, biking and even water and snow skiing.

Now, thanks to the grand opening of Dick's Sporting Goods stores in Houston, I have a new option where I can find all the gear we need under the same roof, not only for my children, but also for the sports my husband and I love as well, such as golf, tennis and of course, running.

Dick's Sporting Goods was established in 1948 and has over 600 stores all over the U.S. And now we welcome them in Houston with six brand new stores. Last week I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of the Sugar Land store and it was amazing! Their brand and gear selection is really impressive; you can find everything you need for a camping trip, ski trip, tennis, football and even kayaks. What I loved about it too is that even though the store is huge, you can find what you need pretty quickly thanks to the short-aisled store floor plan.

Another exciting thing is that only Dick's Sporting Goods has Carrie Underwood's new athletic apparel line called Calia. It carries modern-chic yoga pants, jackets, water bottles, gym bags and vests at affordable prices; I fell in love with all of it!


I'll raffle two $50 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Cards! All you have to do is like my Facebook page and live within the Houston Greater Area. Register here:

We'll announce the two lucky winners on November 11th. Good luck!

Yo Mariana feels so happy to have these new sports stores in Houston that meet all of our sporting needs as a family. You too should visit the store, you’ll be amazed of their vast selection!

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Sponsored Post by Dick's Sporting Goods via Republica LLC- Opinions and Photographs by Yo Mariana