Vietnam’s Gastronomic Sophistication arrives to Houston


Thanks to the huge culinary diversity that is happening in Houston, I’ve been able to acquire a new taste for different ingredients and gastronomic fusions that I never thought I would enjoy. Well that’s the case of the place I recommend to all of you today, it’s called Le Colonial and it’s located in the River Oaks District. This place offers a delicious fusion of French and Vietnamese cuisines in their menu that you'll surely love. I had the chance to go there for lunch and for dinner and both occasions were superb. The purpose of the architecture and the decoration of the place is to make you feel like you’re enjoying your meal in a French colony in Asia during the 20’s and I have no idea how they did it, but they nailed it.


During lunch I tried the steak salad with arugula, spinach and red peppers. We also had the pork spring rolls, with mushrooms and shrimp accompanied by a soy sauce with lime and chiles and we also had some delicious tuna tartar tostadas with cilantro and cucumber drizzled with a ginger soy sauce – everything was amazing.

The day I had dinner there, I had the typical Vietnamese soup called Pho and it was delicious. This dish is prepared with an oxtail broth as well as rice noodles, steak and several aromatic herbs. We also had the duck, which was spectacular since it was marinated in ginger and accompanied by a tamarind sauce and of course we also had several dishes we had tried during lunch.

To finish the night on a high note and after enjoying a delicious Martini, I tried the typical Vietnamese coffee, which they prepare table-side with condensed milk. ,

Now that the temperature has dropped a bit, you can enjoy a delicious dinner in the patio that surrounds the restaurant or in the very cozy bar upstairs, which also has tables outside. So now you know, if you are expecting guests during the Holidays, Yo Mariana thinks this restaurant is the perfect place to pamper your guests. It offers a new culinary proposal and you can stroll around the shops at River Oaks District at the same time.


Happy Gastronomic Holidays!

Le Colonial - 4444 Westheimer Rd Houston TX 77027

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