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I'm always on a constant quest of learning new skills on topics that I’m passionate about like creative writing and photography. Learning something new or discovering a new way to do something, enriches my life greatly. Every time I assist a class I'm filled with excitement because it brings me back to my scholar years which I truly enjoyed, and at the same time I confirm that no matter how old I am, I can always learn and discover something new and most importantly, connect with people that add optimism to my eagerness to learn.

Now, thanks to I can find all types of classes in one single website. Let me tell you more about this company and how it arrived in Houston.

With this same drive and passion for learning, Nihal Parthasarathi and Katie Kapler created in 2010. A website that offers its more than 200,000 users in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles more than 70,000 local classes to choose from. They have cooking, photography and sports classes just to mention a few. In 2014, they made the Forbes list of the 100 most promising companies of the year and finally, after three years of continuous growth, in 2017 they arrived in Houston.

So now you know, if you've always wanted to learn how to bake the perfect soufflé, how to temper chocolate, how to master your camera on manual mode, or wondered what a CrossFit class is all about, will help you find the perfect class for you.

Course Horse is committed to offering its users a free, safe and comprehensive searching service with a catalog of classes that have been certified and verified by the company. 

Let’s get learning!

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