What everybody needs to know about Round Top, Texas

A couple of weeks ago my friends and I decided to be adventurous and escape the city on a one-day trip to Round Top, Texas. One of my friends visits this picturesque town very often, so we were very fortunate to have the best insider information.

Round Top, Texas is a very small town between Houston and Austin, TX.  And even though it has a population of only 90 people, it has become a very popular town because of its food, history, art galleries and antique shops. 

Here are my top three recommendations you can't miss:

The first one is to stroll around Henkel Square - a roundabout filled with antique shops and a cute little church called Haw Creek.

My favorite store was Distinguished Home, owned by Katie Saunders. Her exclusive antique selection is located inside a historic wooden little house that was transported from its original location to be part of Henkel Square. You'll find an immense array of treasures in a very cute and small space.

My second recommendation had to be a culinary one. You can't leave Round Top without eating at Royers Round Top Café. A unique Texan Bistro with very few tables surrounded by walls that are covered from top to bottom with posters, signs, and dinners' signatures. Bud Royers and his family are behind their famous dish, their mouth-watering quails that are prepared with the family recipe. They are so delicious, that you’ll end up eating them with your hands and licking your fingers when you’re done!

For dessert, you have to taste the famous pies at Royers Pie Haven. I tasted the Sweet & Salty, which is #3 on Food Network’s best dessert list Nationwide, and it was a delicious chocolate, caramel, and sea salt explosion!

And last but not least, you can't miss their 49th Annual Spring Antique Fair. Starting on March 27th, Round Top will host for the 49th time one of the most famous antique shows in the country, which will gather thousands of visitors from around the country.

So, if you're looking for a day trip destination near Houston, Round Top, Texas is a wonderful option. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Thanks so much to my adventurous friends who went with me on this wonderful trip, especially Monica for having introduced me to this cute little town that I’m sure I’ll visit again very soon.

Royers Round Top Cafe - 105 Main Street Round Top, TX 78954

Round Top Antiques Fair