Levy Park – An Urban Paradise

One of the things I enjoy the most about writing these posts is when the city of Houston surprises me, and on this occasion, it surpassed my expectations. As you know there are tons of parks and green areas around the city, but just a few weeks ago the newly remodeled Levy Park was officially inaugurated and it's wonderful.

This park is situated on Upper Kirby and it’s a true Urban Paradise with activities for all ages. It has an amazing architecture and design that’s up to par with any other park in the world. The park is colorful, innovative and has tons of activities so you can spend a great afternoon enjoying the outdoors.

Look at all the things you could do!

Besides all of this, what I loved the most is that the park has tables, chairs and rocking chairs throughout so you can sit down and watch your kids play or even enjoy a picnic, although the park is so much fun that you’ll want to play in it too. There’s even a dog park so you can take your pets as well.

So now you know, if you’re looking to disconnect this weekend, Yo Mariana recommends you to put that cell phone away and go enjoy this amazing urban space with your kids, couple or pets.

I recommend you visit the park’s website to see all the events they offer, like yoga, boot-camps, piano concerts and visits from the Houston Museum of Natural Science,

Hope you enjoy it! Share your pictures with me on social media using the hash tag #yomarianablog.

Levy Park - 3801 Eastside, Houston, TX 77098