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Araceli Graham - Photo by Yo Mariana

Every time I go to Mexico City, I come back amazed by the huge creative movement that’s happening culturally and gastronomically. Artists, sculptors, fashion designers and chefs; the sky’s the limit. The country is definitely living in one of the most artistic revolutions, which is also reflected in fashion design.

Now that I don’t live in Mexico, I’m always eager to bring back suitcases filled with this great fashion. And, now, in just a few clicks I can have shoes, jewelry and clothing of wonderful Mexican and Colombian designers thanks to

Cooperativa Shop is the gateway that connects Latin-American designers with passionate fashion lovers around the world.

The first time I visited, I couldn’t believe all I was seeing. The website is filled with a great variety of original products that have a formidable High Fashion Design.

Araceli Graham, a Mexican Entrepreneur, who worked in the corporate world in Mexico, started the project after pursuing her true passion for fashion. She introduced and established designer Olga Prieto from Mexico and collaborated with Carla Forte and Mario Bucellati in introducing Prediletto to the American market. Her knowledge of fashion-forward, high-end design combined with establishing emergent brands is what she finds key for developing this business.

Araceli Graham - Photo by Yo Mariana

After several years of experience, Araceli decided to create her own company with the idea of sharing and, in a way, brag about the amazing talent that Latin-American fashion design has to offer. At this time, the website is home to 40 designers from Mexico and Colombia.

Before launching her website, Araceli took some time to travel to Colombia and Mexico to handpick collections by designers not only with an interesting couture approach, but also to ensure each piece had the best quality available.

Cooperativa Shop has very interesting plans and wants to expand their product line to also sell house accessories, art and furniture.

Yo Mariana joins Cooperativa Shop in the proud mission of showing the world the huge talent that Mexico and Latin-America has to offer.

Friends in Houston, stay tuned because soon Cooperativa Shop will have their first Pop-Up Shop to show us several of their collections.

Meet the designers:

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