Rothko's Complex Simplicity Arrives to Houston

More than sixty works of art of the famed Russian artist come to Houston to the MFAH overflowing with its classic abstract expressionism. This selection is special because it belonged to the personal collection of the artist before he died.   

I've never seen so many "Rothkos" in the same space and it's really impressive, being him one of my favorite artists because of the complexity of his simple traces.

Yo Mariana encourages you to go visit this collection before it leaves Houston on January 24th.

The simple expression of the complex thought
— Mark Rothko

Here I share more pictures of the exhibit:

While you are visiting the museum you must go to the new and renovated museum gift shop. It’s filled with new products that have very original designs. They have a big selection of books, toys, sculptures, posters, jewelry and items for the home that could be the perfect Christmas gift.

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