Christmas Reflection

When I think about Christmas, my mind is filled with images, words and feelings. Of course, there’s the obvious ones such as family, love, gifts, carols, the smell of fresh pine, lit chimneys, big dinners, lots of hugs and small faces filled with wonder. However, I also feel and think of things such as nostalgia, memories, the feeling of missing something or someone, the lack of time, helplessness, loneliness and sadness.

I dedicate this Christmas message to all those people who don’t have it easy during this time. Not everyone is fortunate enough to dine at a large table surrounded by warmth and love. Not everyone opens presents in a perfectly decorated room filled with garlands and poinsettias. Not everyone knows what the menu for that special meal will be weeks in advance. And not everyone is certain their kids will excitedly open their gifts that morning.

This Christmas, lets take a moment to reflect and be thankful for each and every person sitting at our table. But above all, let’s pray for those not fortunate enough to spend Christmas with their family or for those who feel nostalgia or sadness during this time of the year. Let’s open our heart and the doors to our house to those who we know are going through this situation.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas.


Yo Mariana

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