A Really Good Pop

Photo by: Yo Mariana

I'm always looking for healthy snacks and desserts for my kids. Or I at least try to find some products that are not filled with chemicals and all the stuff we all know that in excess can be harmful for them.

During hot Summers, popsicles are always a hit among kids and even adults. Yo Mariana, still remember and miss the delicious natural fruit popsicles they sell everywhere in Mexico. The color and flavor palette is immense. Some are milk based, others water based and they have flavors from "arroz con leche" (rice pudding) to the always fresh lime popsicle. I have to confess that it had been hard for me to finds something similar in Houston until the day I found Good Pop popsicles.

I love it when a product I like, ends up being a local product. To my surprise, Good Pop Company is from Austin Texas and was developed by a UT graduate like five years ago when he was trying to satisfy his cravings for a Mexican-Style popsicle.

I found these popsicles in the supermarket in 5 flavors, Hibiscus with mint, Watermelon with Agave, Banana with Cinnamon and Coffee. I love them all but my favorite is the coffee one.

Photo by: Yo Mariana

Researching about them online, I found out you can even order your popsicles online and try some flavors they don’t sell in the supermarkets like tamarind, mango with chile, pineapple with chile, and coconut among others.

I'm sure Good Pop is going to continue growing and I'm already craving the new flavors they will develop in the future regardless of the time of the year it is.

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