The "New" App from Tom Hanks

Photo by:  Yo Mariana

Photo by: Yo Mariana

I never imagined myself writing a blog, but even less writing it on an Olivetti typewriter... Ok, Ok, it's not an Olivetti, but it definitely feels like writing on one.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the renowned Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, launched a new App called Hanx Writer. It basically consists in recreating the experience of writing a document on a manual machine, but with the quickness and convenience of an iPad. When they told me about it,  Yo Mariana, was a bit skeptical, but once I downloaded it and used it, was able to really go back in time to another decade.

I don’t know about you, but I was one of the thousands of students who saw a keyboard for the first time on a typewriting machine! I learned to type at school using colored stickers to cover the letters and I remember we even used a type of bib which wouldn’t even let you see your hands. It's incredible how such an obsolete machine taught me one of the few abilities I still use now a day. I can't forget the noise of the classroom with 20 typewriters typing at the same time, or the red mark I would get on my shoulder after carrying the heavy and old piece of junk to my locker after class.

It's been really fun remembering those times thanks to this App.

Thanks Tom Hanks!

Click on the image to download the App

Click on the image to download the App

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