A Great Coffee in Houston

Photo by: Yo Mariana

I declare myself officially addicted to coffee. I love its scent, flavor, packaging and its thousands of ways of preparing it. I love grinding it to make a Macchiato on a Faema Coffee Machine, enjoying a quick Nespresso or a French Press and even trying to decipher the tons of steps and traditions that are required to prepare a Turkish Coffee, so yes, I'm a fan.  

 For that reason, I know what it takes to really prepare a good cup of Joe, and how it's even harder to find a place that prepares it, that's why every time I find a good coffee I can't help to share it with everyone.

 A really good friend recommended me to visit Revival Market, and my was I surprised when they handed me this spectacular cappuccino.

 Revival Market is located in the heart of the Heights in Houston. Since you come in, you begin smelling this delicious aroma of freshly ground coffee. The talented Barista prepares it with a lot of attention to detail and voilà, enjoy.

 This peculiar café/restaurant/market is very casual. It has no more than 10 small tables where you can go to have breakfast, lunch or simply enjoy a nice coffee while you "roam" through the counters filled with really original products.

 Chatting with the manager, she told me that the coffee they use is from a local company called Greenway Coffee Company, which is only distributed to local Houston Restaurants. So it's a direct line between the grower and the Barista. On their website, you can find the places where they serve it, like Oxheart and Underbelly, but the good thing about Revival Market, is that you can just go there for the coffee.

Yo Mariana, think it's worth the trip.

For more information click on the links below:

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