A Hot Day in the Typical Trampoline Place

Photo by: Yo Mariana

It's amazing that after living here in Texas for more than 10 years, each summer I still forget how hot it can get in August, 103 degrees Fahrenheit  (I already forgot how hot that is in Celsius).

Just a few days before school starts again, I have everything ready for back to school, but I have three bored kids at home who are a bit tired of the long Summer and are ready to go back to their daily routine. Since Yo Mariana I'm not that good at keeping them entertained all day at home, I decided to take them to what I thought would be the typical indoor kid's place. But I have to confess that Wonderwild nicely surprised me. You pay the reasonable amount of $10 for each kid and you can stay there all the time you want. I had the idea that this place was only for kids 6 and under, but they just renovated their facilities this year and they've expanded the place with an exclusive zone for kids from 6 to12, and according to my ten year old, it's a lot of fun.

Now, what really impresses me about all this places, is that they DO NOT think about the moms or the adults who take their kids, pay for the entrance and who have to wait for two or three hours for their kids to play without having a place to even sit down. They don't sell anything to drink and you end up with a backache after all those hours of waiting.  The kids have a blast though.

The summers I go to Mexico and especially in Mexico City, I'm amazed by the places they have for kids there. It's like being in paradise when you are sitting down in a comfortable sofa while you wait, and you even have waiters offering you something to drink. It's like out of this world.

If all these kid's places in the US would realize the amount of coffees us moms would buy while we wait for our kids to play, they could easily double their profits.

So if anyone is interested in a business idea, I think something like this would be great.

Click on the image to go to their website

Click on the image to go to their website

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