Colored Noodles ... For The Pool

Photo by:  Yo Mariana

Photo by: Yo Mariana

Summers in Texas are extremely hot and you survive them by being inside a pool the whole time. It can be a community pool, a sport's club one, a friend's pool or sometimes you even decide to build one on your backyard so the kids (and the adults) can play outdoors. Otherwise it's almost impossible to be outside.

Ok... so you save every penny you can to build your pool (maintenance and construction are a long subject for another blog) and suddenly you realize you have tons of pool toys and gadgets scattered around the pool without having a place to put them. The ones that take a lot of place specially, are the foam noodles, that even though are a lot of fun, and help kids stay afloat, are hard to store away.

One day while I was at Leslie's Pool Supply, a Texas store that has EVERYTHING you need for your pool, I found the same type of noodles but made from plastic and the best part is that you can inflate and deflate them. And unlike the foam ones, they don't break or fall apart, so when Summer is over or even every weekend, you can deflate them and store them without taking much space at all.

Yo Mariana truly recommend them.

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