A New Restaurant in Houston Rises Above the Rest

As you guys know, I love discovering new restaurants and now more than ever since Houston has a new place worth writing about almost every week. I could easily give you list of restaurants to try, but the purpose of this blog is to offer you a reliable review of the places I think are worth visiting. This week I want to talk about Rise #2, a place that offers classic French fare in a casual and charming setting. This place is unique, delicious and above all a lot of fun too.

I knew this place was going to be different when I opened the heavy iron door. And as we were walking to our table, I began to discover tons of small details. Are you ready? OK, let me take a deep breath:

First off, we were welcomed with a personalized greeting made out of scrabble pieces … a huge kitchen cloth called a torchon replaced table napkins … colorful plates, dark green glasses made from recycled wine bottles … frog-shaped salt and pepper shakers … and a very original bread tray with attached knife – picture all of this on top of a table encrusted with crystals – I really liked the heavy vintage silverware most.

After several minutes of being amazed by all of this, the waiter told us that everything I was enamored by was for sale. That’s when a cheese cart jam-packed with a variety of imported and local goods surprised us all.

The cheese, bread and wine — everything was so spectacular that for a moment I forgot we were there to try the soufflés. So, which one would we choose? Would it be the Gruyere, the one with truffles, the escargots, or the cauliflower and Brie cheese? Since we were a group of six we were able to try almost everything on the menu: the delicious onion soup, a very original tomato soup with goat cheese "marshmallows", the ham and Gruyere soufflé, as well as a crabmeat. We saved the best for last, the chocolate and a Grand Marnier soufflés for dessert, which were all perfectly crafted, living up to the restaurants’ name.

So who is the mastermind behind every detail at Rise #2? Her name is Hedda Gioia Dowd, who comes from an French background, and she would often spend months in France cooking up soufflés with her mom and grandmother. Several years later, after noticing that she couldn’t find similar dishes in the U.S, she opened a restaurant dedicated to this delicacy in Dallas called Rise #1. And now thanks to Rise #2, she brings a small piece of France to Houston. I’m truly thankful.

Yo Mariana truly recommends this place!

I also want to mention two additional elements that made our dining experience really unique - the amazing service from Joshua Burton and the company of my close circle of friends.

Thanks Joshua and Hedda! We’ll be back soon.  

Rise #2 - 1700 Post Oak Blvd - 713 850 7473