Let’s Get Training!

Are you running a half marathon but have now idea how to start training? Today, I’ll be sharing with you five awesome tips by an amazing athlete and runner – Mariana Sanchez Williams.

It’s time to start training for the Houston Half Marathon, happening on January 15, 2017.

It’s really hard for me to reprogram my brain to get back into training mode, but I’ve tried several methods and discovered that being near sources of inspiration and energy works best for me. And today that source of inspiration and energy is Mariana Sanchez Williams, a Mexican runner who now calls The Woodlands, TX home. From an early age, Mariana’s passion for sports is what drove her to study Sports Nutrition.

Mariana is a certified Le Mills coach on indoor cycling and running, and certified by the American Fitness Association. She also has several Marathons under her belt, she writes articles for specialized publications such as the Mexican newspaper Reforma and Runner’s World magazine, which she’s even made the cover.

Mariana shares her passion for running in The Woodlands through a running club named IM Running, which is a group of runners she empowers, inspires and trains.

I had the chance to talk to her and here are five tips to have a successful run and recovery.

Mariana Sánchez Williams

1. Holistic training is best

Run the miles you need each week but pay attention to everything else besides running. This way you create a virtuous circle: Sleep, run, rest, nutrition and hydration.

2. Hydration is key

Drink water before, during and after the race. Don’t wait till you’re thirsty. Mariana always runs with a bottle of water and takes small sips throughout her races. If you’re training in a very humid place, she recommends using salt-sticks so you can retain more water and won’t dehydrate so quickly.

3. See what works for you

Training is a lot of trail and error; no recipe for success exists. Everyone is different and what might work for you, might not work for someone else. That’s why Mariana recommends using long runs as a “test” to figure out what works for you. You can also try different running gear, breakfasts, dinners the night before. Test the amount of water you need to consume before, during, post race, and also check if you need any energy boosts like gummies or gels.

4. Energize your body during the race

When it comes to taking energy boosts, Mariana recommends only using them once or twice during a half marathon, preferably during miles 5 and 10. She recommends power gels, because they’re liquid but she also likes sport beans.

5. Pay attention to your nutrition

Mariana recommends increasing the carbs but not the calories three days before the race, not only the night before. For example, add a corn tortilla to your breakfast, or during lunch have a cup and a half of pasta instead of just one. At dinnertime, you can add half a cup of oatmeal to prepare your body.

Before the race: eat carbohydrates that are easy to digest like an apple or a slice of whole-wheat bread with honey and banana slices.

After the race: it’s really important that you eat some carbs and protein during the first hour so your muscles can start recovering; a bagel with almond butter, an egg and some toast, or a fruit smoothie with protein and almond milk will work wonders.

Yo Mariana is really thankful for the opportunity of meeting Mariana Sanchez Williams and being able to share all this valuable advice with you.

If you want a tailor-made training, contact Mariana and she'll help you.

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Thanks Mariana, see you at the finish line!

*Consult your physician before changing your exercise or eating routines.