A Letter to my Grandmother

Today, is Mother’s Day and all I can do is think about you, grandmother. It’s the first year without your presence, and I’m filled with great sadness. But this absence is only physical, because you’ve visited me in my dreams, and I’ve enjoyed the hugs we’ve shared in them a lot.

I saw you travel down the path toward death slowly. It was cloudy, sad and gray. Very different from the colors you chose during your life; bright, never dull. You lived radiating explosive reds, cheerful yellows, fun purples and sincere blues.

During my childhood, your cheerful yellows and fun purples filled my soul. Those were the best colors a child could have. During my adolescence, without having the maturity necessary to understand them all, I only saw your explosive reds and thousands of honest blues. Above all, it’s those blues full of sincerity that shook my ego and those explosive reds that helped me stay the course; colors that taught me millions of things and the inevitable desire to imitate and applaud them.

Despite witnessing all these wide range of colors, there was always a constant color, maybe the most important one I miss most, the white color of your presence; a white that enveloped me with an inexplicable peace and never let me stray. A white overflowing with love that accompanied me throughout my life beside you.

I miss your colors. I miss them so much. And it chokes me up not seeing them. However, it calms me to think that you’re in that place where all of your colors continue to shine with more intensity than before; colors that will guard and accompany us for the rest of our lives.

Love you always Lita,

Your Granddaughter.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who, day after day, flood their loved ones with beautiful colors.

Especially to my Mom, who knows I love her with all my heart and to my Mother in Law who throughout the years has always shared with me her love but above all, her friendship.

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