Why Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in the U.S. than in Mexico

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In previous posts, I’ve talked to you about how throughout my thirteen years living in the U.S., I’ve adopted many new traditions. Well, you guys might not believe this, but “Cinco de Mayo” is now one of them, I'll explain. In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is simply known as The Day of the Battle of Puebla, where General Ignacio Zaragoza led the Mexican army to an improbable victory over the French in 1862. Honestly, this is the only reason it’s remembered.

In Mexico, its just a Holiday like all others in which you get the day off and if by chance it falls in the middle of the week, makes the perfect excuse to take a very long weekend, but that’s it. The true Mexican celebration, takes place on September the 16th where all the country remembers its independence from Spain with fireworks, parties and food.

So why do they celebrate Cinco de Mayo here in the States? Well I did some digging and here is what I found. According to a study done by the University of California, a small group of miners in L.A. found out about General Zaragoza’s victory and decided to celebrate with fireworks and celebratory gunfire. Hereafter, more and more cities began to celebrate and gradually, other U.S. cities, especially ones with a high number of Mexican immigrants, began to copy the celebration each year.

Several decades later, the big Breweries and Tequila companies took notice of this celebration and bombarded (just like General Zaragoza) the U.S with advertisements, eventually transforming it into a drinking holiday.

So if celebrating Cinco the Mayo, serves as an excuse to promote and brag about the Mexican culture in the U.S. with folkloric dances, typical costumes and to promote our beloved Tequila, as they say here: I’m all in!

And if we are going to celebrate, let’s celebrate like we should… with a good Tequila. Here’s a rundown of my five favorite bottles and how I discovered them.

You guys aren’t going to believe this, but the best tequila I've ever had was at the least likely place: EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

In the Mexican Pavillion at Epcot, inside the pyramid, you’ll find a hidden treasure called “La Cava del Tequila.” A small, but cozy and authentic tequila bar that’s perfect for unwinding from the long, hot walks you have to take while visiting EPCOT with a delicious tequila.

Before knowing of this place, tequila for me was a margarita on the rocks, simply because sipping it by itself seemed too strong. However, thanks to La Cava del Tequila, I discovered what good tequila is all about. By ordering the ‘Supreme Tequila Flight’ you get a chance to choose from over 100 tequilas, and Hilda Castillo and Humberto Soto will show you how to savor this drink all while transporting you on a cultural and historic trip to the city of Tequila.


Tequila, Jalisco - Photo courtesy of La Cava del Tequila

Hilda and Humberto were born in the city of Tequila, Jalisco and as they say, were baptized with Tequila. They both worked for more than ten years in one of the top Tequila Distillers in the city and arrived just a few years ago to Orlando to become Disney’s Tequila Ambassadors at la Cava del Tequila with the sole purpose of educating people about our great National beverage.

Several famous artists such as Neil Patrick Harris, Scarlett Johansson, Kelly Ripa and Tina Fay have visited La Cava del Tequila and it’s become a favorite place for many of them.

From the great selection of tequilas I tasted, my favorite one was Casa Dragones. It’s young, white, and made from 100% pure blue agave. It has a subtle taste and it’s made with the purpose of enjoying neat and slowly.

Casa Dragones definitely changed my perception that tequila is a strong drink. It’s unique distilling process, gives it a lighter and smoother texture that’s simply delicious. Once you try it, you’ll want to savor every sip of it till the very end.

The right way to sip this and all good Tequilas, I learned, wasn’t in a shot glass, but in a glass specifically designed for professional Tequila tastings such as the Reidel "Ouverture" tequila glass.  

Casa Dragones is on a mission to perfect the smooth sipping tequila, and instead of producing several types, they only focus on two: their original Tequila Joven and their new more affordable White Tequila, which has an exceptional quality that you can see in this marvelous bottle.

Thanks to La Cava del Tequila for this amazing experience and for helping me discover my favorite Tequila.

Yo Mariana, invite you this Cinco de Mayo to buy a bottle of good Tequila, some Reidel Tequila Glasses and without lime or salt, slowly enjoy this truly Elixir of the Gods.

Here’s a list of my five favorite Tequilas, all of them can be found in the U.S.

1. Casa Dragones

2. Tequila Clase Azul

3. Casa Noble

4. Casamigos

5. Ambhar

Which is your favorite Tequila?

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