A Sweet Social Media Experience

It’s impressive to see how social networks have gone from being just a hobby for young people … well, and the not so young, into real-world working tools.

Since joining the blogosphere, which is a lot of fun by the way, it was inevitable that I explore the fundamentals of social networks. I sound like I’m joking, but I’ve had to study, read about, and understand their different uses and turn them into, not only a way to make my posts public, but also into a tool that helps me meet a network of people who help me grow.  

It was through Instagram that I suddenly stumbled across Ashley Rose, owner and founder of the successful blog Sugar & Cloth right here in Houston, TX.

Sugar & Cloth focuses on DIY decoration and cooking projects. They’re very fun and engaging and their pictures are really captivating because they all have this look that’s really particular to their brand – a white background and bright colors.

When I found out that she was in Houston, I contacted her immediately and she invited me to participate in a course titled "Houston Branding and Social Media," it was impossible for me to say no!

I arrived at her studio without knowing what to expect. On the outside, it looked like an old warehouse in downtown Houston. But after climbing up and down several flights of stairs, and thinking I was in the wrong place, I suddenly opened the door to this immaculate place where Ashley and her photographer husband, Jared Smith, come up with all the ideas for Sugar & Cloth: an inspiring place with great design and a particular touch as you can see from pictures I took. 

In addition to Ashley, the course was also taught by another successful blogger Christian Watson – who is owner and founder of 1924us. A blog dedicated to design, style and photography inspired from the 1920s.

Ashley and Christian shared two hours worth of experiences. They told us how they got started, the mistakes they made in addition to giving us tons of tips on how to establish a brand, how to adapt to new ways of communicating, and how to use different social networks.

I, along with 20 other students couldn’t stop taking notes all while thinking how lucky we were to be receiving this valuable information and their lessons.

In addition to these workshops, Ashley has offered decoration, calligraphy and holiday cocktail courses, too.

If you are looking for a different and entertaining DIY workshop, Yo Mariana highly recommend you attend one of Ashley’s courses. You’ll have a great time and you’ll find a lot of inspiration in this interesting blogger and her marvelous studio. Just visit her website to find out more.

Thanks, Ashley and Christian, for sharing your knowledge and time with us. I hope to take some other courses soon.

You see, another success story from Houston. I’ll keep discovering and sharing more of them with you. I love you Houston!

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