A Chocolate Covered Story

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and this story is perfect for this occasion. Love and friendship are definitely two words we use very often during this week; what a coincidence that they are also the frame of the relationship between the main characters of this story.  

This adventure full of effort, conviction, guts and dedication started one year ago when Nathalie and Maria Fernanda, mother/daughter, created a delicious recipe in their kitchen: Cereal clusters perfectly covered by delicious premium chocolate, and decide to call them Crunchies.

When they started sharing their creation with friends and family, it didn't take long for them to realize they were a huge success. That's when both decided to create a business called Maria's Crunchies.

The first time I tried a Crunchie I could easily attest that the rich chocolate flavor was just a reflection of the love and friendship between them. Each and every cluster is hand crafted and meticulously examined to ensure the product the consumer gets has the highest quality.

All the work and attention to detail, is shown and enjoyed, not only through every Crunchie, but also in the quality of the package and the amazing finished product you get. Definitely, these are the perfect little gift for every occasion.

Crunchies are available all year long. However, Nathalie and Maria Fernanda also create different seasonal presentations depending on the Holiday.

For this Valentine's Day, they created these really fun pops.

Yo Mariana would like to congratulate Maria's Crunchies for sharing this deliciousness with us!

Order yours now before they're sold out!

Email: mariascrunchies@yahoo.com

Telefono: 832967-7046

Maria's Crunchies Facebook Page

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