Where do I stand?

As I begin writing the first chapter of 2016, two inevitable questions keep popping into my head: Where am I? and where do I want to go? And, really, the answers to both questions vary depending on when I ask them.

If it were during my Monday morning run, I would tell you that I want to finish another full marathon this year. If it were late night on a Thursday, I’d say I’m happy with the three miles I ran on Monday.

If I spent all day Tuesday discovering a cool place I’m dying to tell you guys about, I’d say I want to spend every day writing new content to become the most read blog in Houston. But if I ask that same question at 5 p.m. while helping my kids with their social studies homework, I’d tell you that I’m truly happy with just that one post I published after several weeks of interrupted work.

Likewise, if you were to ask me about my Saturday night plans, I’d tell you I want to get dressed up and paint the town red by trying every new bar and restaurant in Houston with my husband. Ask me at 6 p.m. after cheering for my kids at three different soccer games and you’d get a totally different answer. Suddenly, eating popcorn and watching Netflix in my PJs sounds like an amazing plan.

So what do I want? Where do I want to go? It seems I have no idea, nonetheless I know I just want to be happy and pass on that happiness to my family. I don’t know exactly how and I don’t have a structured plan on how to do it. The thing I do know is that I get to wear many hats all the time. It’s as if I had six or seven of them in my purse. Each of them I wear depending the time of day, trying to take care of them and to use all of them the most I can. There are weeks in which two or three hats stay at the bottom of my purse and I don’t get to use them. Then there are months in which I was able to juggle all of them, some more than the others but all of them.

I have proved that I have a hard time wearing two or more hats at the same time. Each of them has their own space. If I try to combine them, they just don’t fit, they are crooked or they don’t look good. One of them will be in the way and I’ll end up dropping it on the floor instead of protecting it in my purse so I can use it when the time is right. I have to say that I love all my hats, each of them has its own special place in my purse.

This 2016, Yo Mariana feel very happy to know which are the hats I have in my purse. I’ve identified them and have specific goals for each of them. But I also know that the road to all these goals will surely change and in that case I’ll have to enjoy all those changes and different routes that this New Year that’s just beginning will bring.

Welcome 2016!