Rice University, a Place for Expression

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Rice University Art Gallery. Upon entering the school grounds, I was so impressed by the big, beautiful oak trees that perfectly frame Main Street that I decided to walk around campus before heading to the exhibit.
While touring the campus, I kept thinking about how lucky we are, as Houstonians, to have such a beautiful university. It was almost impossible for me to not have flashbacks of my academic years in Mexico and, I must confess, that I suddenly felt a huge urge to run directly to the admissions office.

Rice University

Rice University

After a relaxing walk I arrived at the Rice University Art Gallery, a space that provides national and international artists a creative area to display their artwork.
Recently, the gallery hosted the inauguration of a new installation called The Great Cape Rinderhorn by Throsten Brinkmann, which will have free admission until May 2016.

If I could describe Mr. Brinkmann’s work in a nutshell, I'd say that this enthusiastic collector of objects has the magic ability of transforming lifeless and forgotten things into magnificent installations filled with life. All of the objects used for this creation where found in Houston, so you'll feel a very peculiar sense of familiarity with everything.

My kids were fascinated with the minuscule theater the artist created inside a big wood box to display his previous installations as well as the "secret" tunnel; the perfect place for a very swift adventure.
Throsten Brinkmann has presented individual exhibits in Belgium, Germany and Mexico, as well as in many other museums in Europe, but the Rice University Art Gallery is his first in the U.S.

Throsten Brinkmann

And while you're enjoying this wonderful stroll around campus,  you must visit James Turrell's Twilight Epiphany Skyspace; a pyramidal structure with incredible acoustic for outdoor concerts.

A couple of days after my visit, I had the wonderful surprise of reading an article stating that Rice University was recently ranked fifth best college in the U.S. Congratulations Owls! Add that to our amazing city’s ever-growing bragging rights list.

Yo Mariana recommends you to visit this wonderful University.

For more information about the exhibit and the James Turrell Structure click below:

Rice University Art Gallery
James Turrell Skyspace

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