Welcome to my amazing Houston

This week Houston will receive almost one million visitors thanks to the Big football game that is taking place on Sunday. Today I share with all of you some of my favorite places and restaurants in the city.

Besides having one of the best medical centers in the world and being considered one of the favorite shopping destinations, Houston is also a diverse city with an exciting mix of cultures, arts, and parks that make it unique. The city also offers Opera, Ballet, Symphony, more than 19 museums, great theater performances as well as wonderful sporting venues where you can enjoy basketball, soccer, baseball and of course the star of the week, Football!

Click on the images below to discover these amazing places.

Thanks to Houston's diversity, we have the great privilege to partake gastronomy from all over the world. These are just some of the thousands of restaurants you can enjoy during your visit. I strongly encourage you to make reservations before you go due to the enormous amount of visitors Houston will have this week.

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