Gastronomy and Color in Avenida Houston


Houston fills our soul with color and joy thanks to the new art installation called “Arcade” in Avenida Houston, in the heart of the City. I was extremely happy when I heard that this outdoor exhibit was still standing after Harvey and ready for everyone to enjoy.

For those of you who haven't gone to Downtown Houston lately, Avenida Houston is the brand new name of the street between the George R. Brown Convention Center and Discovery Green, after its extraordinary renovation.

“Arcade” joins the long list of art exhibits that have been on this street and becomes a colorful frame for the buildings surrounding this space. This installation is the result of an artistic collaboration called The Color Condition between Sunny Sliger and Marianne Newsom based in Dallas and consists of thousands of colorful plastic strips that dance with the wind through Avenida Houston and some other places at Discovery Green. It’s the perfect spot for fun pictures and selfies with family and friends.

After walking and enjoying its colors, Avenida Houston also offers many dining options such as Chef Hugo Ortega's new culinary adventure called Xochi.

Xochi is a Mexican restaurant that focuses on the cuisine of the state of Oaxaca. It’s located in the lobby of the Marriott Marquis Hotel where Chef Ortega transmits his love and respect for Mexico through his dishes that transport you to the picturesque alleys of Oaxaca.

Let me tell you the mouthwatering dishes my husband and I ordered. For starters, we ordered the Queso de Rancho handmade cheese that comes with fried pork skin and an insect trio of worms, Chicatana ants, and grasshoppers.

We then ordered the Mole Tasting that consists of four different types of Moles served with handmade tortillas that were truly exceptional. We also tried the grilled Octopus served with Puya pepper adobo and sunflower seeds and the Telela which is a blue masa triangle filled with Oaxacan cheese and Coloradito Mole.

And for the grand finale, we ordered the Cremoso de Chocolate, a beautiful chocolate cake with peanut butter powder and strawberries.

Everything was extraordinary and we loved the ambiance of the place.

So now you know, if you're looking for a well-deserved colorful weekend, Avenida Houston and Chef Ortega's dishes have a very wide range of tones for you to enjoy.

Xochi Restaurant - 1777 Walker St, Houston, TX 77010