Farm to Terminal- Four new restaurants inside Terminal E of IAH

Restaurant at IAH Photo by Yo Mariana Blog

Terminal E of the Houston International Airport represents an explosion of feelings for me since innumerable adventures have begun there. Some have been to unknown cities, others have been to unforgettable reunions when I travel to Mexico to visit my family, and I have also experienced farewells with a broken heart every time I say goodbye to my mother when she comes visit me.

This terminal has also witnessed how my children have grown during these 15 years that we’ve lived in the city of Houston. It has seen them laden in my arms as newborns, running wild in their halls excited to suddenly reach that new destination so longed for, and it has also watched their excitement to buy something in one of their many stores, or looking for a place to eat right before getting on the plane and starting that exciting adventure.

I am happy to share with all of you that this terminal will now see my children totally fascinated the next time we travel thanks to four new restaurants where we will be able to enjoy a delicious meal before boarding the plane.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a gastronomic tour of these new restaurants that have just opened inside the terminal and the concept behind the four proposals is to offer the traveler that leaves Houston, or is passing through Houston, a culinary experience representative of the city. In each place you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious meal made at the moment, with fresh and local ingredients, no matter if you have fifteen minutes or an hour before your flight.


Thanks to a striking decoration with huge red lanterns and a wall full of Maneki-Nekos or lucky cats, it will be impossible not to notice this new restaurant right in front of Gate E 11. Yume's proposal brings Asian cuisine with local ingredients from Chef Kinjo who’s behind MF Sushi. On the menu, you’ll find delicious pork dumplings, a Ramen bar, a variety of sushi rolls and a dish where you can make your own roll with tuna and caviar. These dishes can be paired with international beers or several imported sakes.


One of my favorite restaurants in Houston is Chef Ryan Pera's Coltivare, the same Chef behind Gavi's wonderful menu, which offers a traditional Italian proposal but with that delicious twist that Chef Pera gives to his dishes. In Gavi you’ll find pizzas, all kinds of pastas and if you feel like a cocktail, you have to order the Cold Brew Negroni, presented in a very fun and original way. Near Gate E 14

Tanglewood Grille

Chefs Siegel-Gardner and Chef Gallivan from Pass & Provisions transport their concept to the airport thanks to Tanglewood Grille. Here you’ll find hand-cut steaks, burgers, and salads made with fresh local ingredients, offering a farm to terminal concept. If you are looking for a snack, ask for a delicious giant pretzel that comes with a crab and jalapeño dip, my new favorite pretzel at the airport. Near Gate E 23.


And of course, it wouldn’t be Texas if we didn’t have a delicious Barbecue place and now thanks to the new Q restaurant, we have for the first time in an airport, an in-house smoker running 24 hours a day. Chef Greg Gatlin of Gatlin's BBQ is the creator behind this wonderful concept and he wanted to make sure that each dish in Q was made with authentic Barbecue made from scratch. The Barbecue wings I tried were spectacular. Find it near Gate E 9.


So now you know, the next time you start an adventure from Terminal E at the Houston International Airport, remember that the culinary experience of your trip can start even before you board the plane.

I hope you enjoy them, bon appetite!

Thanks so much to United and OTG for inviting me to the Tour and Taste of these wonderful restaurants.