Discover two incredible new ways of exercising.

Are you looking for new and fun ways to stay in shape? Here are a couple of new concepts I experienced on my last trip to Mexico City.

Let me tell you that I was born and raised in Mexico City and because it’s so diverse with tons to offer, it seems like an entirely new city every time I go.

This summer I discovered two new Fitness & Wellness concepts that I really enjoyed, and I want to share with you guys. The first one is called Síclo. It’s a new spinning studio in Santa Fe.

My dear friend, Arlette Esqueda, is an instructor at this new studio and she invited me to try one of her classes. And, WOW what an experience!

The second I arrived I fell in love with the building’s architecture. The space and the distribution are very original and after taking tons of pictures of the place, I put down the camera and started living the Siclo experience.

In just 45 minutes, Arlette goes from spinning instructor to D.J., tailoring playlist according to the pace of the exercise while playing with the lighting of the place, to your #1 fan, always with the right thing to say that helps you give your best, to your spiritual leader, pushing you to keep going even if you think you just can't. Arlette sets an example when you see her give everything she’s got with the sole purpose of sharing the unforgettable experience with you.

Yo Mariana really recommends you try a class if you live in Mexico. I’m sure you’ll get hooked. The studio is located in Park Plaza in Santa Fe.

For those who don’t live in Mexico and are probably thinking, what about us?, these spinning classes are called Soul Cycle here in the U.S. You can find several classes in various cities around the country. I’m dying to find one here in Houston.

My second find is helpful for those who live in Mexico or are expats like myself. It’s Sersana! is a health dedicated website that takes you through an integral transformation process to discover a better you. The site is divided into five categories – doing, eating, growing, discovering, and projecting.

My favorite section is Doing. In this module, you can find a series of Sersana Body Method workouts created by Lety Roman, who after trying several exercises decided to take the most effective parts of programs such as Pilates, Crossfit, Strength Training, Core Fusion, Circuit and Resistance Training and combined them all into one.

I started the video workouts a few weeks ago, and I think they’re an excellent option if you don’t have time for the gym or if you’re on vacation. And, by the way, you’ll start seeing results quickly. I truly recommend them.

The videos are a collaboration between Sersana and The Beauty Effect from Eugenia Debayle.

You can find them in this website:

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