The Famous Thai Rolled Ice Cream Arrives to Houston.

As you know, I’m always looking for interesting and different places here in Houston, well Class 502 Creamery is without a doubt, one of them.

Let me tell you that Thailand has a very peculiar way of making ice cream. The technique they use, consists of mixing the ingredients right before you are going to eat it and they do it on top of a frozen metal sheet. There, they mix and spread the ingredients until there’s just a thin layer similar to a crepe. After a few seconds, the mixture begins to freeze and it is carved out of the sheet with a spatula that forms these interesting ice cream rolls.

Check out how they make it in this video:

This original way of making ice cream became very popular in New York several months ago and Instagram was swamped with pictures of these fun ice cream rolls. Now thanks to Class 502, we can also enjoy them here in Houston.

The creamery just opened its doors at the beginning of March in the heart of Chinatown in Bellaire with an unprecedented success. There are so many people that want to try their rolling ice cream that they’ve decided to stay open until midnight during the weekends so no one is left behind without trying them.

This week I had the opportunity to try their delicious ice cream as well as to chat with Jennifer, who owns the place. She told me that they’ll definitely be opening more stores here in Houston to satisfy the great demand.

Jennifer was born in Fushun, China and got here to the States a few years ago so she could study Business in the state of Missouri. With a great entrepreneurial spirit, she brings Class 502 to Houston, her fourth business here in the city.

Very excited about the project, she told me that some of the advantages of enjoying ice cream that is prepared this way, is that they are hand made, prepared right at the moment and with the best ingredients, since she uses only local and organic fruits.

I tried the Matcha green tea roll, and it was delicious. I would suggest you visit them during the weekdays so you can avoid the lines. Keep in mind that there’s only one size, but it’s pretty big so you can share it with someone.  

Let me know what was your favorite flavor, I was told that Mango is very popular.

Class 502 - 9889 Bellaire Blvd - Houston, TX 77036

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