Sculpture Garden + Food Truck = The Perfect Couple

Even though I’ve been living in Houston for more than 12 years, I still don’t get used to the fact that the temperature in Texas doesn’t begin to cool down until the end of October or sometimes even at the beginning of November (if we’re lucky!). That’s why when I begin to feel a slight glint of a less humid environment along with a crisp breeze, I welcome this autumn weather with open arms and start planning how to spend Sundays with my family somewhere outside.

One of the places I love the most in Houston for this type of activities is the Sculpture Garden at the Museum of Fine Arts. This garden was opened in 1986 thanks to a collaboration between the City of Houston and the Museum and it is named after Lilly and Hugh Roy Cullen to recognize all the contributions both of them made to the medical and artistic communities of the city.

The project was designed by the renowned New York architect and sculptor Isamu Noguchi, who died a few years after this place was opened. Noguchi is still famous not only for his architectonical design and world-renowned emblematic sculptures, but also because of his furniture designs. Like the famous table that carries his name, which up to this day, is produced and sold by interior design boutiques all over the world.  

The MFAH Sculpture Garden is the perfect contrast between concrete walls and green open areas with the sole purpose of giving a home to more than 25 sculptures from famous artists such as Matisse and Calder. I here share with you some of the pictures I took of the sculptures you’ll be able to find in the garden:

A sculpture for a sculpture
— Is how Noguchi describes the arquitectonic design of the place.

Photo by Yo Mariana

To make your visit even more delightful, Yo Mariana recommend you to go any day of the week between 11am and 3pm so you can enjoy this marvelous place along with one of the delicious plates that the Food Trucks that park daily at the entrance of the Garden have to offer.

The Food Trucks change every day, but if you want to know which one is going to be there the day of your visit, you can follow the MFAH on Twitter. Now, if you are more adventurous, go without knowing which one will be there and I'm sure you'll find something delicious to eat.

Last Wednesday, I visited the gardens and had the chance to find the Muiishi Makirritos Food Truck.


And to be honest, as I read the menu and discovered that their concept was Japanese Tacos, I had my doubts about eating there, but I’m glad I did! Because I discovered this spectacular Pork Bunz and I believe this photo says it all ...

Photo by Yo Mariana

I invite you all to take advantage of this months of Autumn by enjoying outside activities in this type of places and if you want to recommend me one, please send me your recommendation via email to:

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Lilly and Hugh Roy Cullen Sculpture Garden – MFAH

Muiishi Makirritos Food Truck

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