Me, wrinkles? Laura Mercier to the rescue

For the first time, in a really long time, I have had to reconsider each and every beauty product I use. You see, in just a few months I’ll be turning 40, and one of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is that the beauty tricks that have worked wonders for me in the past are no longer working like they used to. With the inevitable arrival of new wrinkles and spots on my face due to the sun and aging, it’s almost impossible to hide them with just a bit of makeup, blushes and gloss. And lately, I’ve had some trouble achieving that “natural” look in my everyday beauty routine.

When I came face to face with this new challenge, I made the big mistake of trying to conceal my newfound wrinkles and spots with more makeup, but little did I know I was only accentuating them.

Luckily my dear friend, Shirin Ragas, a professional makeup artist for the world-renowned Laura Mercier Cosmetics, was there to help. Shirin was born in Iran and came to the U.S. at 25 to pursue her passion: to transform each client into true works of art.

Laura Mercier is an international brand, which sells cosmetics to over 27 countries, with a philosophy rooted in enhancing natural beauty. Curiously, Laura Mercier products were first sold at a tiny desk in Neiman Marcus at the Houston Galleria.

With the help of Shirin, I had the opportunity to try every product at Laura Mercier, and I was truly impressed.

One tip, out of many that Shirin gave me during the session, was to attack skin imperfections head-on so that your natural beauty can then be accentuated with makeup.  

The first thing Shirin noticed was the serious dryness under my eyes and she recommended a Repair Eye Serum, one of her favorite products, which is basically a combination of Arnica, Caffeine and Argan Oil. This miracle serum repairs dry, inflamed skin and dark circles around the eyes. The results have been astonishing, and because I corrected the root of my problem, I no longer need as much makeup.

Here are some pictures of all the products that Shirin used during our session. She succeeded in achieving a super natural look and gave me a lesson on how to apply every product.

To all my friends in Houston, Yo Mariana recommends you to make an appointment with Shirin. You’ll be wowed by her ability, her knowledge, and by the great quality and variety Laura Mercier Cosmetics has to offer.

You can contact Shirin by emailing her at:

You can now find all the Laura Mercier products at Macy’s in Memorial City Mall.

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