Liberty Kitchen, a restaurant that truly believes in Life, Liberty and Happiness.


Last week I had the opportunity to attend a tasting at Liberty Kitchen organized by the wonderful group of Houston Food Bloggers Collective; they wanted us to see up close and personal their new location at Garden Oaks where Chef Lance Fegen delighted us with his new Brunch menu that they now offer on the weekends.

Chef Fegen personally shared his story and his restaurants' core mission with us and after listening to him and tasting his food, I can guarantee you that you can taste his passion for the ocean, surfing, world travel and his enjoyment of a life filled with liberty and happiness in every single dish. Words that naturally became Liberty Kitchen's motto.

Since they opened their doors at the San Felipe location and I tasted their oysters topped with their famous mouth-watering bacon jam, I became a frequent diner of this place, and let me tell you that I loved their new Brunch menu.

We started our culinary experience with an original Bloody Mary cart where you can customize it by adding your choice of shrimp, bacon, oysters, olives, and peppers.

The first couple of dishes brought to our table were the Deviled Eggs with their signature-fried oyster on top and the Costa Brava shrimp cocktail with avocado and cucumber.

I also had a refreshing West Candlelight, a cocktail made with crushed raspberries and St. Germain liquor that was delicious.

Liberty Kitchen YMB10.JPG

One of my favorite breakfast dishes is French Toast and let me tell you that at Liberty Kitchen they prepare it like I've never tasted before. The difference between this French Toast and the rest is that it's covered with frosted flakes which gives them that much-needed crunch. The Chef accompanies them with a Vermont maple syrup and a Crème Anglaise with a touch of coffee, which was superb. This French Toast definitely jumped to the top of my list of favorite breakfast dishes in the city.


And of course, they wouldn't let us leave without tasting their signature Mac & Cheese, that by the way, is my children's favorite in Houston.

What I enjoy so much about this place on top of their exquisite food is the flexibility that it offers its diners because you can go for a hearty family brunch on the weekends, a quick lunch with friends or a romantic date night with your partner.

Remember they now have four locations to choose from. All of them have almost the same menu except for some dishes that are specific to some locations. Yo Mariana highly recommends them. Thanks Liberty Kitchen for having me!


Liberty Kitchen Garden Oaks - Garden Oaks

Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar - The Heights

Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette- River Oaks

Liberty Kitchen on the Treehouse - Memorial City


* All photographs by Yo Mariana