January 18, 2015

I start the year with just one thing on my mind; I'm running my first full marathon in four days. These past months of training have been like a roller coaster; ups, downs, injuries, enthusiasm, fear and every possible emotion all wrapped up in an enormous physical exhaustion, combined with an amazing feeling of accomplishment. I don’t know if I'm going to finish the race this Sunday, I don’t know how I am going to feel after mile 20, the only thing I know is that I gave my heart and soul during my training.

Just like in life, where we must enjoy the journey itself and not just the final destination, training for a marathon was very similar. It was an unparalleled experience to see how my body reacted to new and very challenging goals and how with effort and dedication you can accomplish anything you want. What a great lesson!

I hope one day my kids really and profoundly understand this concept: Nothing is impossible!

To all my fellow runners, I wish you an incredible and fulfilling race this Sunday. Forget about time and distance; we've trained as much as we needed to train, we are ready! Let's enjoy the course as much as we can and let's rejoice on the huge satisfaction we'll feel when we cross the finish line! Yo Mariana can't wait!

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