I found my true north

One of the great advantages of living in Houston is the fact that a lot of people from Mexico come to visit and they usually stay in the Galleria area. That’s why I'm always in constant search of new restaurants around that area so I can pamper my guests. Last week I found one that I highly recommend and it's called North Italia.

A while back, one of the most modern real estate developments that in my opinion our dear city has, opened in the prestigious corner of Post Oak and San Felipe. I’m sure you’ve seen it, it's called BLVD Place and it combines office, retail and restaurant space as well as a spectacular Whole Foods Market, which by the way, is the only one that has its own brewery inside

BLVD Place has very interesting projects and a clear example of this is this new restaurant I want to talk to you about today, North Italia, which just opened its doors last week.

This is a 100 % Italian restaurant that is proud to serve its dishes with top-notch, hand-made fresh ingredients. I had the opportunity to have lunch there and I was really surprised to see a grilled Artichoke on their menu. E

On their menu they offer all kinds of pastas, like the Mafaldine that comes from the South of Italy and is also known as Reginetta. They prepare it with shrimp, white wine, basil and a pinch of peperoncino flakes. I think the picture speaks for itself. It was delicious!

The pizza is also a very good option. I had the one with Arugula, figs and prosciutto, and I can tell you that only thanks to the Berkel charcuterie cutter they have in the kitchen, are you able to get these fresh thin slices of Italian ham on top of your pizza.

I have to really compliment the excellent service we received, it was warm and attentive and it made our experience totally pleasant as dinner guests. 

So now you know, if you come to Houston for shopping or live here, Yo Mariana really recommend you to have lunch or dinner at North Italia.

To make things even easier, you can make reservations for this and almost every restaurant in the city through OpenTable. They offer a really simple reservation system trough their website or their Smartphone App. With only a few clicks, you are guaranteed a table in your restaurant of choice.

I didn’t know, but while researching a bit more about them, I discovered that they offer restaurant reservations not only in the US but also in the most important cities around the world like Dubai, London, China, Germany, Switzerland and of course in my dear Mexico.

I find it really convenient, that when planning a trip, you can reserve a table in advance in the restaurants you want to visit. I couldn’t resist checking out the places where you can make reservations in Mexico City through OpenTable and the list is huge. They have restaurants like Pujol by Enrique Olvera and La Rosetta by Elena Reygadas. Next time I go to Mexico I will definitely use this great tool to guarantee a table in my favorite restaurants so I can enjoy a great meal with family and friends.

But regardless of where you are - Mexico, Houston, or any other city... Buon appetito!

North Italia: 1700 Post Oak Blvd. #109

BLVD Place: 1800 Post Oak Blvd


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