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Not so long ago, I stumbled upon an article that really caught my eye because it talked about how important it is for women to build and keep friendships. I’m not going to go into much detail, but basically it explained that just as exercise makes our body produce endorphins that make us feel good, sitting down to chat with friends also produces a chemical reaction in the body that helps lower stress and anxiety levels.

Therefore, men reading this post, please promote that your partners go out with their friends, either to have lunch, dinner or just a cup of coffee. And ladies, I urge you to go out with your friends. I know we sometimes give priority to other activities, but we have to increase the level of importance going out with friends has, it’s vital to our well-being and health.

And speaking of going out with friends, Yo Mariana recommend you a different plan you can enjoy in Houston. It consists of spending a cultural morning at The Menil Collection. This magical place was opened in 1987 by Dominique de Menil, a French Art Collector that arrived in Houston while fleeing World War II and who decided to give her adoptive city this marvelous legacy. The building’s architectural masterpiece was designed by Renzo Piano (also known for designing the Centre George Pompidou in Paris among others) and inside it houses one of the Modern Era’s most important collections not only in the States but also in the World.

A few days ago, the museum opened its new exhibition by Greek artist Panaglotis "Takis" Vassilakis to the public. The pieces were presented by the museum’s curator Toby Kamps, who during his inaugural speech, really transmitted his passion and fascination for this peculiar 90-year-old artist. He also shared with us that a few months ago, he was able to visit “Takis” in Athens and was able to discuss with him his fourth dimension theory, which consists in capturing in his sculptures a combination of Buddhism, physics and electromagnetism. He also explained that all of his pieces represent small models of the universe and they truly are, some emit sounds, others movement and all share that particular “Takis” look.

After visiting the museum, you should really go visit the Rothko Chapel. This praying building is located just a block away from the Menil’s entrance. I could describe the place physically as a brick building that has some of Mark Rothko’s paintings inside, but why you really need to go, is to sense the energy this place has; it’s amazing. This chapel belongs to no particular religion; it’s simply a space where you can go meditate, pray or just enjoy a moment of silence and to disconnect from the world for a while.

If you’re hungry after all of this cultural dose, I really recommend you to go across the street and have lunch at the Bistro Menil. Chef and Owner Greg Marting, just opened his kitchen a few months ago and his menu offers a European proposal. I had the chance to chat with him and his passion for food is really contagious and his approach can definitely be tasted in dishes like the PEI Mussels and in the delicious Crab Cakes with caper mayonnaise.   

After enjoying this wonderful plan with my friends I was even more in love with my adoptive city, as Mrs. Dominique de Menil called Houston. Thanks for this great Legacy!

I dedicate this post to my great Houston friends with whom I had the opportunity to share unforgettable experiences. I love you’ all!

The Menil Collection - 1533 Sul Ross Street Houston, Texas  77006

Takis - The Forth Dimension - The exhibition will be open until July 16th.

The Rothko Chapel - 409 Sul Ross Street, Houston, TX 77006

Bistro Menil - 1513 West Alabama, Houston Tx 77006

* The Rothko Chapel operates independently from The Menil Collection

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