Everything you need to know about Punta Mita

The beautiful beaches of Punta Mita, a Luxury retreat destination in Mexico City by Yo Mariana Blog

One of my favorite places to spend a wonderful beach vacation with my family is Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco in Mexico. Today I share with all of you our fantastic visit to the luxurious resort development, Punta Mita. 

Punta Mita is located about one hour from Puerto Vallarta's downtown, in the state of Nayarit and it's a private luxury peninsula surrounded by nine miles of Pacific Coast's white sand beaches that have become one of Mexico's most luxurious and beautiful resort communities. 

The resort consists of 15 residential communities, two golf courses, two hotels, the Four Seasons Resort and the St. Regis Punta Mita, as well as two beach clubs. 

We were invited to spend the day at the Kupuri Beach Club, a private beach club that’s exclusively for residents and their guests. Ever since we arrived at the beach club their customer service was extraordinary and they made us feel like if we were at a five-star beach hotel. 

After we settled down our things in the lounge beds right in front of the beautiful white sand beach of Litibú Bay, we decided to start our family day with water activities. 

We chose Paddle Boarding and let me tell you it was lots of fun! We had never tried it before and we all loved it. After many attempts to stand up by myself, I did it and was able to enjoy the wonderful view of the ocean from a very fun perspective. 

The beautiful beaches of Punta Mita, a Luxury retreat destination in Mexico City by Yo Mariana Blog

Exhausted after an hour of paddle boarding, we headed directly to the pool bar where we met the most charismatic mixologist named César, who delighted us with different fun drinks and new flavors that we enjoyed while sitting on some fun swings.

And of course, we ended our wonderful day on a high note with a delicious dinner at their Restaurant. There, we enjoyed a grilled Mahi-Mahi with Oaxacan Grasshoppers, a Yellow-Fin Tuna, some delicious Scallops and finished off with a Molten Lava Chocolate Cake and a Vanilla ice cream with Mezcal and pine nuts. Everything was exquisite and beautifully decorated with edible flowers. 

So now you know, if you're looking for a wonderful beach resort to spend an unforgettable family vacation, go discover Punta Mita. 

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