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I love it when I stumble upon young and talented entrepreneurs. I think that’s one of the main reasons why I love writing my blog. I love the idea of discovering and sharing the stories of people who are in love with the product or service they offer their clients. It doesn’t matter if it’s a restaurant, an art exhibit, an ice cream, a coffee shop or even some eyeglasses; in all these cases, I’ve proven that if there’s passion and dedication behind it, I can be sure that I’ll receive a first class product or service. 

The story that I want to share with you today is about a Houston-born designer and her new clothes’ collection. Her name is Paola Contreras and she's the owner and founder of INCLAN.

I first came across Paola a few months ago at Fashion Houston. This is the city’s most important fashion show and that’s where she presented her first collection as part of the students graduating from the Houston Art Institute. She now brings us her second collection - Pragmatic Posterity as she officially launches her brand INCLAN.

I had the fortune to visit her at her studio a week before the launch of her new line and I have to tell you that she designs her clothes in an amazing space that’s filled with light an with high ceilings; the perfect place for inspiration. Her collection shows an eminent evolution of her designs keeping the very particular geometric cuts and athletic style of her previous collection, but now using fall tones.

While chatting with Paola, she told me that INCLAN was her Grandmother’s maiden name and that she chose it so she could preserve, in a way the last name of the women in her family. Last names that get lost with the passing of the years, specially while living in the US.

The launch of her new line was a complete success. The runway show took place at an empty building in Upper Kirby and I loved the concept of the event. It had an industrial feel that matched perfectly with her collection’s theme, Pragmatic Posterity.

Her plans are to distribute her clothes’ line through local boutiques here in Houston at affordable prices. As of this moment, you can find some pieces of her collection at Azuz Boutique, located in West U.

Yo Mariana wish INCLAN all the success in the world. I’m sure that shortly, we’ll see this brand in stores all around the nation.


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