Sunday at the Museum

The Museum of Fine Arts is one of my favorite places to enjoy a free day in Houston. Since you open its doors, it's inevitable to feel how the Architectonic flow lets you enjoy the main exhibit throughout all the journey of the place.

In this occasion, Yo Mariana  was lucky to enjoy an exhibition from Jesús Rafel Soto (1923 - 2005) called "Penetrable". This Venezuelan artist, has several works of art at different museums around the world and is known for the movement of his pieces and the interaction it requires from the visitor to complete them. For example, the "Penetrable" piece consists of a great amount of tiny plastic tubes hanging from the ceiling that create an abstract and peculiar ambiance to whoever decides to get into it.

Us Houstonians should feel lucky that this work of art was acquired by the museum, so if you didn’t have a chance to enjoy it this summer, I'm sure they will mount it again shortly due to its popularity.

Photo by Yo Mariana

What I enjoyed the most from my visit to the museum, was seeing how all the children were immersed in the art world thanks to a simple idea the museum has of handing them at the entrance a clipboard, white paper, three colored pencils and a tiny stool. That way they can sit down in front of their work of art of choice and create their own version of it.

This small detail, allows kids to participate and interact with the pieces of art and the artists with all their senses, not just their sight. It also makes them appreciate much more what they are looking at and gives them an opportunity to come out of the museum with their own version of a piece of art in their hands.

This activity is offered without cost by the museum every Sunday from 11am to 3pm.


Here I share with you more pictures of the "Penetrable" piece from different angles throughout my journey around the museum.

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