A Cuban Coffee in 15 seconds Nespreso Cubanía Limited Edition

Photo by Yo Mariana

The Nespresso Company really revolutionized the way of preparing a good cup of coffee. With just a capsule and the press of a button, in just a few seconds, you have a delicious espresso in your hands. Such easiness, rapidness and high quality of its products, has maintained this company successful for more than 20 years. I have to admit that I really enjoy preparing a cup of espresso from scratch, although I don’t always have the time to go through all the ceremony of grinding, pressing and hoping that it comes out as it should, foamy and perfect.

I learned this sophisticated ritual by watching a couple of people that I love and admire deeply. Dinnertime at their house is always a celebration, even if it’s not a special occasion. As guests at their table, you can count on enjoying an exquisite meal that will always end with the wonderful sound of the coffee grinder followed by the espresso machine preparing a delicious cup of coffee prepared individually according to each guest's personal taste. That's why, if I have the time, I always enjoy recreating that moment wherever I am.

Photo by Yo Mariana

But, if I don’t have the time, Nespresso offers me 20 different flavors and intensities to choose from. They catalogue them as Intense, Espressos, Pure Origin, Lungos, Decaffeinated and other variations such as Caramel and Vanilla.

A few weeks ago, they launched a special edition capsule called Cubanía, inspired by Cuban coffee that is known for its rich flavor and full body.

This morning I tried it and it really has those characteristics mentioned before, its intensity is 13, the highest one in their scale. Yo Mariana am a loyal consumer of this coffee and highly recommend it.

Nespresso Cubanía Capsule - Photo by Yo Mariana


In Houston, you can only buy the capsules online, but if you're on vacation or live in a city that has Nespreso Boutiques, you have to visit these stores. Even if you don't like coffee, it's a visual pleasure to see the decoration and originality of their design.

For more information, visit their website at Nespresso.com and if you like strong coffee, get some Nespresso Cubanía before it's sold out.

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