ReelAbilities - Celebrating the Achievements of Great Artists.


Have you ever thought how your life or your parent's life would have been if you had a mental or physical disability? Or how your role as a mother or father would have changed if one of your children were born with a disability? I think in our busy lives, we give a lot of things for granted and we don’t realize how lucky we are for being healthy.

That’s why today’s post wants to create awareness and empathy for the thousands of people that live with a disability here in Houston or around the world.

People living with these types of limitations want to be reincorporated into society so they can have productive and fulfilling lives regardless of their disability. They want to be seen, heard and recognized as any other citizen. Now thanks to the ReelAbilities Houston Arts & Film Festival, you can help celebrate their achievements with them.

This Art Festival opens for the fifth consecutive time in Houston on February 16th and its only purpose is to celebrate the photographs, movies, paintings and every art form done by people with any type of disabilities. The festival takes place all around the city and ends March 31.

If you want to be part of the festival and attend their events, in the following link you can find the calendar of activities so you don’t miss a thing:

Thanks to Jillian Gotzman for sharing this wonderful project with me and for promoting this amazing way of helping others.

The space to the events is limited, so get your tickets as soon as you can.